Hi there!

My name is Cassie Scaldaferri. Thanks for visiting my site! I am West Virginia born, Kentucky bred and currently I live in Coastal North Carolina…so yep, there’s some southern to this gal. I grew up in a blue collar family…I am a true Coal Miner’s Daughter, and I spent many summer childhood days helping my grandparents on their tobacco farm. My mom and both grandmother’s love(d) to preserve vegetables and make jams & jellies for the entire community. Some of our best family memories were spent around the table and food has always been a celebratory part of my family life. My mom always took the time to make beautiful spaces and took the time to make our home a place to enjoy the seasons and I loved this as a child. I started cheerleading & gymnastics at a young age, and so being active was part of my upbringing, but living in a rural community most people “worked out” by working outside, not attending a local health club.

I attended the University of Kentucky and was on the cheerleading team there for both football & men’s basketball. What a ride! Our cheer team also competed annually and I was fortunate enough to win the National Champion title for Universal Cheerleaders Association each of the 4 years while I was on the team! The training there included a much more rigorous strength, conditioning & nutrition program that I was sort of drawn to…as much as one can be at the senseless age of 18!

Fast forward about 10 years… marriage, two kids & a full time corporate gig later, and I still have this burning passion for optimizing my body’s performance. I find that I’m better at being a mom, wife, employee, friend, homemaker…just better overall, when I prioritize this part of my life. It’s incredibly challenging with the demands of life, but I have been blessed with great mentors to help me cultivate this lifestyle and I want to be able to share what I’ve learned and I want to immerse myself in the community to learn even more!

My vision for this blog is to create a community that helps moms build a life of balance and moderation where we create a system to live by that helps us sustain the energy to be our best selves and have enough leftover to create spaces, meals and happiness for our families.  We will work toward being fit as a means of being our best selves for all the people in our lives we serve as women…kids, husbands, employers, family. I believe that as women our nurturing tendencies are most fulfilled when we can achieve in all our responsibilities and still have energy to make time for ourselves!

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me and following this journey!!



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